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what we do

we apply machine learning and advanced psychology to make your life "EEZY" and more enjoyablE. EEZY provides you with a FREE PROACTIVE personal assistanT at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Anytime. Anywhere.

 just for you

our advanced eezy sentient A.I. engine scans the web to match your profile and mood and create the best plan for you, e.g. evening fun with your buddies

you say yes

eezy proposals are individually tailored so that you will not be disappointed, simply click on the suggestion for dinner, a movie, a party and let eezy do the rest.

instant results

the eezy process is fast and transparent: your choices are executed instantly so you don't have to worry about anything else, just lean back and take it eezy.

our vision

no hassle. No stress. no missing out.
more time to maximize your life.
lean back and enjoy. it's eezy!

EEZY planS your TIME

We want to make your day free of the stress of planning, organizing and executing. eezy creates individually tailored recommendations for you and plans your activities, private or biz related. Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. The eezy way.

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you enjoy your LIFE

eezy  maximizes your time with more to experience, to see, to learn, to buy, to enjoy. Going out, meeting friends, shopping, getting around and traveling has never been so eezy.
Simply say "yes" and enjoy your special eezy treats.

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we are a hungry revolutionary TEAM that will changE the way
you spend your Time and enjoy your life

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eezy has been operating in 'stealth mode' for several months in order to bring you the most amazing user experience possible. Now it's your turn to help us tune and improve this groundbreaking new experience. Sign-up for on AppStore or Google Play to plan at home activities and to be inspired on your day and evening activities in New York, Los Angeles, S. Francisco, Las Vegas, Houston, Chicago, Miami, Washington DC, Phoenix, Dallas, Charlotte, Seattle, Baltimore, Detroit, Portland, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Austin, New Orleans, London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Prague, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin, Amsterdam, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Goa

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Junior Data Analyst
Senior Backend Developer
Junior A.I. Developer
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Data Quality Manager
Junior Marketing Manager
Junior Data Quality Manager
Junior Affiliate Researcher
A.I. /Data Manager
UX/UI Testers

experience an amazing individual and social journey

How does eezy work? begins by interpreting your social profile and learns to understand your behavior, interests, preferences, dislikes and affiliations. The A.I. engine scans the web 24/7 for relevant offers and filters them based on your individual taste. By customized APIs, the eezy sentient engine creates a match along your individual parameters and proposes plans that are coordinated and integrated into your schedule. As soon as you click "yes" , the backend executes the task, coordinates the plans, and integrates it into your calendar so that you have not to bother of anything else.

What makes eezy different from serendipity and discovery apps? applies advanced A.I. technology to predict and to proactively suggest and execute activities individually tailored to you.
It does not just provide generic listings as you might find on a traditional search engine, rather it adapts dynamically to your preferences  to always propose the best for you at any time or place. Have a scheduling conflict? eezy will know. Coordinating plans with your best friend? eezy will determine how best to link you up. In need of a spontaneous suggestion? eezy is the tool for you! It is the first user focused service that reads and scans the web for you in order to make more relevant and tailored recommendations and maximize your time.

How can eezy help you?  is designed to plan and execute your personal day and evening activities in large metropolitan cities but also gives you a daily inspiration what to do at home. Eventually this same model applies to help you to organize travel, plan your vacations, sightsee, get engaged, organize family events & celebrations, shop, manage your household, improve your career, get your desired fitness level and organize for you mobility,... short everything you need and do in your daily life. eezy's life navigator service represents a paradigm shift in your time management and your interaction with the Internet. You as a user are our friend and center of care.

Why eezy? makes your day more productive. How many times have you missed out on having good time because you had no time to plan for it or you simply didn't know about it or you discovered too late what was going on? eezy works around the clock for you to help manage your time more effectively and to inform you about events and your friends' plans. Additionally, eezy not only takes away the daily hassle of planning, organizing and coordinating with friends and colleagues but thinks for you. If an event, you might not even be aware of, is of interest for you, eezy will recommend it to you. Because eezy checks the preferences of similar users and friends to make recommendations that might also apply specifically to you.

What about treatment of my personal data? respects your privacy above all else. Of course, being a sentient tool it will learn from your behavioral patterns and choice history in order to curate recommendations which fit best to you and let you maximize your time. But let´s be honest: all big players out there do, without even telling you about the depth and the extension of this data collection and only for the purpose of better selling advertising, the backbone of their business models. eezy wants only to do the best for you, at the right time and at the right place and only if you say "yes": no money from third parties if not relevant to you. None of your information and no piece of your specific data will ever be transferred to any external party and we work on sophisticated security algorithms that will make sure that any of your transactions stay anonymous and is de-coupled from your profile.  

Why is eezy revolutionary? makes the search and the browsing through endless online listings pointless. You get what you want without you even asking for! No more hassle to browse through web hits and discovery apps listings: eezy does it instead and skims off for you. No one will ever bother you with ill-timed notifications and intrusive advertisement. We don't believe in priority advertising and thus all recommendations and actions proposed will truly be catering to your interests and wishes. Your trusted eezy friend knows what you want and what you like and you will get that and only that, on the right time and at the right place. Simply say "yes". eezy brings the value of Internet directly to you, no stress, no hassle, just eezy!
The end of search and of advertising! is available already in selected and limited US, European and Indian cities
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